1. Kairos Opera at Stanley Picker Gallery, 2017

    Kairos Opera is a work by Anat Ben-David with libretto based on Sadie Plant’s Zeros & Ones. Working with Anat & crew of ten for some months to produce and stage this. and also I perform on electronics in the opera.

    [review of first performance]


  2. Zoe Williams – Snail Tracks (2017)

    nice chance to try out diff sound tricks on zoe’s videos. some of them are like toothbrush on a stethoscope mic or squeaking PVC or string modelling algos on old fx racks

    >>watch here<<

    with support from Opening Times Digital Art CommissionScreen-Shot-2017-04-18-at-12.44.10

    IMG_20161207_190218    IMG_20161207_191340



  3. A Partition: Josh Bitelli @ Cell Project Space (2016)

    sound design and production for a mixed media piece by Josh Bitelli at Cell Project Space


  4. Fabric Live (literally), 2016

    presentation of sonified menswear collection by Luke Stevens

  5. Imagined Futures

    made a ~10 min score for a dance performance at London Topophobia 011

    from around 2:11 of this video:

    LTOPO11 14th MAY 2015 from London Topophobia on Vimeo.

  6. SALT, 2015

    Sub-thames AlkaLinear Translation

    halfway meeting Susu Laroche –>riverthames

  7. Techno Sapiens, 2015

    t. sapiens is a convergence of Riyo Nemeth and Patchfinder (an avatar); a dissociated technosentient twin feeding signal to its symmetrical likeness off screen with incomplete closure and without reciprocity. it exists as pure surface: an infinite field, smooth space, collapsing and flattening all real distinctions (mind/body, god/matter, interiority/exteriority) into a cyberpostive fusional plane.  t. sapiens is de-organ-ised:  its axes and thresholds, latitudes and longitudes, its geodesic lines, are crumpled and striated, its inputs and its outputs patched together in an auto-production of the unconscious.

    scored by beaming video into a motion sensor patched to a hardware sampler

    Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 21.08.14

  8. Penthouse 4C / Barbican

    Live in Penthouse 4C, a pavilion in the Barbican Centre, 2013.  Video: Daniel Swan

  9. Glass Eyes of Locust Bayou

    Score for Glass Eyes of Locust Bayou, a documentary about Phil Chambliss, an outsider filmmaker from Arkansas, US; directed by Simon Mercer.  Winner of the jury award for Best Documentary Short at the Slamdance Film Festival in 2014

  10. d?jump ?vision, 2013

    Video by Anna-Margrethe Pedersen; a segment was also used as a flyer for an exhibition entitled 

    Distinguished from the melee of user comments and structurally misogynist chat rooms harbouring rapid-fire trolls

  11. Live @ Frieze art fair 2011

    first ever appearance as patchfinder, before it was even a thing

  12. King Dong

    Score for King Dong, a documentary about Len Cella, an outsider filmmaker; directed by Simon Mercer, 2011

  13. Auto Couture

    That’s me inside the lambo recording sounds for Auto Couture, a show themed around fast cars.  The track I made for AC eventually became Autohurt & uses the engine start sound from a Pagani Zonda F.  Mail me if you want some sounds.

  14. AVA catherside

    soundmoodboard for friend’s label, ava catherside; above are the sounds that didn’t get used.  below is the sound that did get used.  mostly modular riffs from friend’s rig and a few eII machinery sounds