1. New tissue: Traumaquapocalypse

    crosslinked resin comprising:

    3 vera incognita
    7 terra incognita
    31 axelle incognita (giffgaff’s mailbox)
    127 aqua incognita

    the resin is strongest in linear tension but certain hitherto-unknown compounds have been isolated for easy gassing of laboratory dancefloors

  2. Blood Net EP has issued



    5 track EP on vinyl and digital. Obtain direct from Body Records, or, Discogs Beatport Juno  etc.


  3. Blood Net EP 2.o: Vera_modenaVocalVersions

    body header bit of body..

    Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 23.38.28


    Vera Modena is the seksi diva alter-ego of artist Gery Georgieva. Hailing from a Sunny Beach chalga club, she transfixes with the siren call of Rhodope-style choral chants, lamenting post-soviet era ennui.

    Possession links:  Juno, Beatport