1. Teasing the prosthetic udder

    mic’ing a rubber cushion with a pvdf stethoscope + some fx

  2. midi acceleration

    wrote a max patch (with some help) to turn accelerometer data from my phone to midi or CV or whatever, here is first test controlling a lexicon pcm70:

    and a whole live set based on this a couple days later

  3. Merz partial score

    hardcore ambiance for short art film awaiting documentation

  4. AVA Catherside

    Promo for label AVA Catherside, 2014

  5. Calcium Solo

    borrowing this lovely synth.  no patch memory, so when a good sound happens it has to be a recording & photo op; got good photos of this patch if u happen to have a pro1 about

  6. orientone

    highlight from OMI universe of sounds vol.2 tonebank; floppy is called eastern synth; program is orientone